Would you like support in dealing with:

My 1-1 Resonant Healing sessions offer you the space to process, integrate and grow from these situations.

What is Resonant Healing?

Resonant Healing is a modality created by Sarah Peyton, and is based on Nonviolent Communication and relational neuroscience. Resonance is about being with, moving into and feeling into others’ emotional states (or our own!). It’s about receiving ourselves (or others) with warmth and precision. When we do this, we can start healing from painful, unresolved or traumatic experiences we’ve had, or patterns we hold.

Here’s a video of Sarah speaking about Resonant Healing.

How does Resonant Healing work?

We all experience difficult situations, emotions and trauma. Healing happens when we are received for our experiences with warmth, gentleness and precision.

Resonant Healing brings together an understanding of neuroscience and the principles of Nonviolent Communication to understand ourselves and others with warmth.

As a Resonant Healing Practitioner, I offer sessions to address your emotional experiences and touching into circuits of emotion to be with the emotions you’re sharing,  holding a gentle and warm container for them. This is a space where you are seen for your experiences, and you make sense.

*I would highly recommend Ranjitha as a healing coach to anyone who is looking to truly connect with themselves and take their experience of life to a more meaningful and fulfilling level. She is a fantastic witness and guide to the process, and emanates a sense of safety and comfort that allows for honest and authentic self-reflection. Ranjitha is highly skilled in providing this sense of safety and comfort that is the bedrock of healing, which allows one to reach greater levels of self awareness, acceptance, and growth.

What happens during a session?

Each session will be of 50 minutes’ duration. We will begin our session by exploring what’s on your mind: the topic, issue or emotion you would like support processing.

My role in the session is to accompany you at a pace and intensity you find helpful. While I accompany you with deep listening, I will note any possible blockages, patterns or limiting beliefs that come up in our conversation, and check with you if they fit. If the belief resonates, we will work together to unpack it and reframe it in a way that offers you more flexibility and choice.

Past clients have reported feeling lighter, clearer and more grounded after session work.

*I have had the opportunity to work with Ranjitha individually many times over in the recent past. In my experience of her work, i found a lot of value in the way Ranjitha held space for me as I processed big things that show up for me. The safety, dignity, trust and respect and warmth I experience in her sessions, helps me move through heavy things and come into lightness.

I find her work in holding empathetic space very powerful, and her work on Resonant Healing and Time Travel have helped me bring awareness to a lot of my limiting beliefs, and shift some of them for myself. I really value the growth and peace I tap into, after our work.